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Why You Need To Detoxify Your Body

Open the doors to healing and rejuvenation

Our society foolishly prides itself on having a high-protein, meat-based diet; excessive consumption of dairy products; refined grains (high in gluten which literally turns to glue in your colon); starches (which stiffen the body); refined sugars (which literally corrode your brain); salt (which is actually an extract of crude oil (petroleum)); genetically modified and grafted products, containing pesticides (fruits and vegetables).

Foods saturated with harmful chemicals (flavor enhancers, preservatives, dyes, etc.) such as MSG (which causes severe headaches); aspartame and saccharin (carcinogens); blue, green, yellow and red # lakes (derived from petroleum); propylene glycol (used in antifreeze solutions for cars and for other industrial purposes); aluminum (which causes Alzheimer’s disease).

Consuming harmful beverages such as soda (which has a pH of 2 which makes it very acidic and kills the kidneys and also has a high content of phosphoric acid which eats up your bones leading to osteoporosis); coffee (also very acidifying, causes cancer of the esophagus, kills the central nervous system and expels the adrenal glands); milk and milk-based drinks (which are very acidic and therefore form mucus, cause leukemia, put extra synthetic female hormones into the body, causing a host of cancers in the reproductive area, especially in women ); alcoholic beverages which are also highly acidic and processed with harmful chemicals such as ether (sleeping gas) and methanol (which turns inside the body into formaldehyde (embalming fluid), a neurotoxin).

Please forget people who smoke cigarettes (which contain over 700 ingredients including civet cat absolute, nicotine, sugar, salt, opium, caffeine, etc.).

Now add all of the above to the next list of horrors – pumping gas at the gas station and inhaling cancer causing fumes of chemicals such as MTBE, lead, etc. ; inhale the exhaust gases (carbon and nitric oxides) from cars, trucks and buses; breathe pollutant-laden air; using household cleaning products made with harmful ingredients that weaken the immune/defense system.

Douse us with personal hygiene products made with carcinogenic chemical ingredients such as propylene glycol, sodium laurel sulfate, lead, aluminum; colored lacquers; mineral oil, petroleum jelly and lanolin (which suffocate the skin); DEA; fluoride (main ingredient in rat poison) found in almost all toothpastes – read the warning on the back of the tube! ; expensive perfumes and colognes (which do not list the ingredients on the box or bottle) that seep into the skin and pollute the blood and lymphatic fluids; antiperspirants for the armpits (based on acetyl alcohol, propylene glycol and aluminum) which intoxicate the lymphatic system and cause breast cancer in women due to the wearing of bras which impede circulation in the region of the breast breast.

Please remember modern technology and the flood of radiation it provides us with in exchange for convenience through such things as microwave ovens, televisions, radios, cell phones, alarm clocks, etc.

Last but not least – the products that make up the largest and most profitable industry – pharmaceutical drugs, which kill more than 300,000 people a year. Aspirin use burns a hole in the stomach and causes ulcers and internal bleeding; Prozac and Valium cause suicidal tendencies; birth control pills cause female cancers and hormonal imbalances; Dilantin causes strokes; Viagra causes eye problems and heart attacks.

And how could we ever forget vaccinations? That’s right, those serums we trust to prevent the diseases that are the real cause of the diseases they’re supposed to prevent and are made from things like pig’s blood, tumors and cow’s pus, dog kidneys, aborted fetal tissue, mercury, etc.

What are the benefits of detoxifying your body?

When you detoxify your body, you open the door to healing and rejuvenation; in other words, you are going back in time on aging or degeneration. Ideally, as humans, we should achieve and experience a longevity of at least 120 years; however, most people will be happy to reach age 65 (the federal retirement age).

Detoxifying our body answers our body’s prayer for us to give it an internal shower and come into focus. We are aware of cleansing the outer body, but not the inner body. Detoxifying our body helps us eliminate toxic waste buildups, mucus, parasites and worms (which steal what little nutrition we get or have in our body), excess fat, buildup of fluid (cellulite), the buildup of old and hardened feces, and many other unsightly, smelly things that play a central role in sabotaging our health.

Results after detox include stronger skin and complexion, weight loss (10-50 pounds), fewer headaches, more energy, clearer feeling and thinking; a more positive outlook on life, more willpower; less sickness and disease throughout the year, and much more wholesome stuff.

What is a full body detox?

The Full Body Detox consists of seven (7) powerful, safe and effective herbal formulas. The seven formulas include: (1) Blood & Lymphatic, (2) Cardiovascular, (3) Liver & Gallbladder, (4) Lungs, (5) Kidney & Bladder, (6) Colon Conditioner, and (7) Carbon (Charcoal activated ). These seven formulas (along with the recommended diet during rehab) are all you need to start the healing process with your body, turning back the hands of time (aging). The Full Body Detox Kit comes with herbs, instructions on how and when to take the herbs, a recommended diet (all raw foods – fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts, etc.) – everything you’ll need to start and end the program.

After three (3) weeks of success with the program diet, you are guaranteed to feel and see results. Whatever disease or so-called “incurable” disease you are currently suffering from – diabetes, genital herpes, AIDS, bronchitis or asthma, cancer, obesity, fibroids, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, impotence, infertility, STDs ( gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, warts, etc.), dysmenorrhea or amenorrhea, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, high cholesterol, dermatitis, epilepsy, hepatitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, breast cancer, prostatitis, diverticulitis, kidney disease, etc. . ., the Full Body Detox will initiate the process of healing and eradication.

Remember, in our opinion, there are no diseases on earth that cannot be cured. Ninety percent (90%) of the illnesses we suffer from today in the United States are diet-related, resulting from poor and deficient diets, which means that if we change our eating habits, of thought and life, we can change our health. DETOX TODAY!!

…Experience healing

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