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Vitamin Absorption Into The Body

Vitamin absorption is something anyone taking supplements should pay close attention to.

Not only will this affect the usefulness of the vitamins consumed, but it will also result in no or many benefits.

As we’ve heard many times, liquid vitamins claim their products are the best because people who take them in tablet form excrete them. It’s good marketing, and it comes down to a bit of hype; however, this is partly true.

Let’s dig a little deeper into some facts.

Many tablet vitamins are very inexpensive, mass-produced and sold in supermarkets around the world. You’ve probably seen them over and over again. When you shop at your local store, you’ll likely find them in multivitamins and the like. They are also made with the cheapest excipients – this is what brings the ingredients together, resulting in the form of tablets.

For this reason, nutrients are mainly released in the stomach and destroyed by stomach acids.

In the case of these types of supplements, a large percentage will simply be wasted when you go to the bathroom.

On the other hand however, some quality companies dedicated to health optimization use highly sophisticated supplements. Sometimes called nutraceuticals. These companies will use very expensive all-natural powerful ingredients and excipients.

Some of these supplements have very sophisticated delivery systems. This allows nutrients to enter the bloodstream for more efficient consumption.

The best delivery system for the absorption of vitamins and other nutrients from the tablet is called enteric coating.

What makes it so effective?

Many powerful nutrients cannot be taken as supplements without being destroyed by stomach acids; the enteric coating protects the tablet and therefore the nutrients against destruction by stomach acids.

So it’s not just about vitamin absorption, it’s about all the nutrients you can get in a supplement. Especially the more sophisticated ones that contain much more potent and expensive nutrients than simple vitamins. Vitamins tend to be weak antioxidants.

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