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Top 5 Most Common Health Problems

According to medical findings, staying physically active plays an important role in eliminating health problems like cancers, diabetes, and heart disease. It can also help improve mood and relieve depression. Inactivity normally accompanies advancing age and it is therefore advisable to consider exercise programs. In addition, people are advised to eat healthy. To live healthy, it is important to consider eating nutrient-dense foods. It is equally important to avoid the calories in sweets and candies. Some of the common health issues include:

· Overweight and obesity

If you are overweight or obese, your chances of dying from type 2 diabetes, hypertension, stroke, coronary heart disease, gallbladder disease, cancer of the prostate, colon, breast , dyslipidemia and endometrial, respiratory problems, sleep apnea, strokes and osteoarthritis increase. . Therefore, it is important to manage your weight by eating a healthy diet and engaging in an exercise program.

· Mental Health

Dementia is often caused by illness, vision and hearing problems, drug reactions, infections, diabetes, nutritional imbalances and kidney failure. Therefore, it is not the result of aging. There are different types of dementia, some being temporary and some permanent. Once you have received an accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, appropriate care and support follows. One of the most common mental health problems is depression. When left untreated, the disease can cause suicide.

· substance abuse

The use of alcohol and drugs is called addiction. Many people, including young and old, often self-medicate using prescription drugs and/or illegal drugs. This often leads to serious health consequences. Many of these people may use alcohol and mix drugs unknowingly or on purpose. Therefore, in order to get rid of possible health problems, it is important for health care providers to find out from their patients whether they are using alcohol or drugs.

· Smoking

Quitting smoking can be considered one of the most effective ways to prevent disease as well as premature death. Tobacco use is often referred to as “tobacco addiction disease”. Smokers who choose to quit can achieve their goals, especially if they choose to use the support of their healthcare provider.

· Injury

Among seniors, falls are the leading cause of injury and hospitalization, as well as death. According to statistics, 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 fall each year. To reduce the risk of injury, exercise can help strengthen and improve body balance. Additionally, home modification can help reduce injuries.

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