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The Umbrella Cockatoo – 5 Characteristics That Make the Cockatoo a Charming Companion Bird

The Umbrella Cockatoo is a big parrot with a big personality. Here are 5 traits that keep it in constant demand as a companion bird.

Beauty-Their snowy white plumage makes a beautiful and striking contrast to their dark beak and eyes and gray or black legs. In flight, they are like the sun as they show the underside of their feathers which are yellow in color. But their most amazing feature is probably their crest. Usually it is held flat on the head, but when extended it forms a semicircle of beautiful feathers above their head, similar to an umbrella. They are truly elegant creatures whether they are flying or perched on your finger.

Affectionate personality– Known for their great affection and ability to bond with their humans, they are often accurately described as cuddly. They love physical contact with their humans and need several hours a day to stay emotionally healthy. They are perfect companions for someone who has a lot of time and energy to spend on a daily basis. If your lifestyle does not allow you to spend at least 2 hours a day with your cockatoo, consider another bird that requires less time, attention and affection.

drive capacity-Cockatoos are extremely intelligent birds capable of learning and performing a wide variety of tricks. Short daily workouts yield the best results. Your consistency and patience will pay off not only in the tricks your cockatoo will eagerly perform for family and friends, but also in the trust and loving bond that this daily attention will create between you. They are so trainable that they are often featured in their own shows at the circus and zoo! So there you have it, the sky really is the limit of what they can accomplish.

Enthusiastic eaters-They love to eat and are not particularly picky about what they eat. They still depend on you to provide them with a well-balanced diet to help them stay strong, healthy and happy. A healthy diet should include a constant supply of clean water, a high quality pellet diet as a base supplemented with fresh organic vegetables, sprouted seeds and a smaller amount of fruits and nuts. Some fruit seeds are toxic to cockatoos, so consult your veterinarian before feeding them. Supplement their diet with occasional table foods such as small pieces of scrambled or well-cooked eggs, cottage cheese, and small pieces of cooked meat, pasta, and crackers. Provide a varied menu within these guidelines to maintain your bird’s interest at mealtime.

Long life expectancy-If you are looking for a companion for life, the cockatoo has one of the longest lifespans of all parrots. With proper care, they can live 80 years or more. Here is a friend for life!

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