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Sleep Disorders in Astrology

Good sleep is necessary for optimal health and can affect mood, weight and hormone levels.

Sleep disorders and sleeping problems are common modern complaints, including insomnia, sleep deprivation, sleep apnea, snoring, and restless leg syndrome. Sleep disturbances and problems are severe enough to interfere with normal physical, mental, social, and emotional functioning.

Some of the main causes of sleep disturbances are excessive fatigue, fear, anxiety, heavy and rich meals, coffee, tea and other stimulants taken at night, a room that is too hot or noisy.

A persistent sleep disorder deserves special attention and a medical check-up.

The astrological factors responsible for sleep disorders/problems are

12th house/lord -natural signifier of sleep

4th house/lord-comfort house

Moon -meaning of mind/heart/stomach/mood swings

Mercury -represents intelligence and brain nerves

Saturn -represents depression, obstruction and disease

Astrological Combinations for Sleep Disorders

1. Mercury rules the brain nerves, the Moon controls the mind, heart and stomach. Jupiter rules the liver and lungs. The parts of the body that cause sleep disturbances are the cerebral nerves, the lungs and the liver. Therefore, these three planets are responsible for providing restful sleep.

2. The lord of the 12th house present in 3rd/6th/8th indicates disturbed sleep.

3. The lord of the 3rd/6th/12th house placed in the 12th house indicates insufficient sleep.

4. If the ruler of the Ascendant/3rd house or the Moon is placed in the 12th house, then sleep is characterized by vague dreams.

5. The presence of natural malefics like Saturn/Mars/Sun/Rahu/Ketu in the 12th house indicates disturbed sleep.

6. The 12th house between the 6th and 8th house lords represents insomnia or sleeping with horrible dreams.

7. 12th lord burned by the sun, the native will suffer from insomnia.

8. The 12th house/lord associated with Venus indicates long hours of sleep.

9. The lord of the 3rd/4th house present in the 12th house or the lord of the 12th house present in the 3rd/4th house induces sexual dreams in the mind of the native.

10. The lord of 12 is in exaltation/own house, the native will oversleep.

11. The lord of the 12th house placed in the ascendant or the lord of the ascendant and the 12th exchange their houses, then the native develops lazy tendencies and sleeps too much.

12. The 12th house/lord associated with Venus causes excessive sleepiness, especially if Venus is also the ruler of the Ascendant/4th house. The amount of sleep exceeds many folds.

13. Rahu associated with the 12th house/lord is responsible for interrupted sleep.

14. If Ketu is associated with the 12th house/lord, the native will remain dull and sleepy.

15. If the lord of the 12th house is weak and present in the 6th/8th house, the sleep period is reduced.

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