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Reasons of Voice Crack and Effects of Helium on Voice

When it comes to voice cracks, non-singers should worry about the unlikely voice cracks, as rock singers don’t have major issues with a cracking voice. It is understandable to experience an occasional crack of voice caused by surprise. Just like vocal cracks, helium also alters the voice; this may be taken as a joke but you really want to know why helium changes your voice.

What is concerning is the kind of cracking of the voice accompanied by pain, liquid in the throat and a rise in body temperature. Common reasons for cracking voice are smoking, thyroid infection, cold voice, vocal cords, puberty, nodules and colds. As for helium, it is a dangerous gas to play with because breathing pure helium deprives the body of oxygen, like holding your breath. This leads to the cutting off of the oxygen supply to the brain and causes a person to collapse or possibly brain damage afterwards. Inhaling helium can cause the body’s oxygen level to drop to a dangerous level in just seconds. It’s funny to hear someone who has just swallowed some helium from a balloon talking in a squeaky voice. This trick is used by clowns and comedians to make people laugh at parties.

The voice cracks due to smoking as it strains a person’s vocal cords. Over time, this results in a marked crackle in their voice. Thyroid infection results in a cracked and deep voice. It also interferes in the swallowing mechanism. The thyroid gland can be scanned using ultrasound. Regular tension in the vocal cords creates numbness around them and when a person speaks, the voice sounds hoarse and broken. People prone to developing lumps in the throat are preachers, cheerleaders, teachers, and stage actors. To avoid this, the vocal cords must rest and refrain from shouting. The crackle of the voice results from a cold voice. Teenagers go through a fast growing phrase that affects their voice. It’s a time when everything in them grows and develops. It’s because of growth hormones and it fades over time.

As it is known that helium does not change the pitch of the voice or increase the speed of sound of the voice in the air, the reason for the squeaky voice of helium is something else. According to research, the reason for the thesis in the resonance of sound inside the vocal tract. Because helium is lighter than air, sound travels through it quickly. Inhaling a little helium fills the vocal tract with it and any sound created within it travels faster than the duct is filled with ordinary air.

To avoid voice crackling, you should avoid shouting, give your voice a rest, avoid drinking cold and hot water alternately, and speak and sing naturally using your own voice. A cracking voice that is brought on by puberty is not preventable; it can be avoided before it becomes serious. Excessive cracking of the voice leads to inflammation of the vocal cords and can even lead to throat cancer. Smokers can probably be infected.

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