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Little Known Causes of Mental Fog, Anxiety and Malaise

So many people have become accustomed to living their lives in a “blah” state of mind. Inspired by anything, barely interested in even the most important people in their lives. Can you imagine what it would be like to feel truly inspired again? Believe that your most authentic desires and dreams are possible? People who live in a chronic state of mild depression or nagging anxiety have most likely given up on the pursuit of a meaningful life. Despite what they want to give to the world, despite how God wants to use them to make this world brighter…they are stuck in a web of mediocrity, compromise, stagnation, inexpression and perhaps ‘isolation.

Sound familiar? While proper diagnosis and treatments for anxiety and depression, such as counseling and medication, are very important…I wonder if you’ve considered some of the more physical causes of these conditions? It is very important to check for anemia, thyroid disorders, and other neurological conditions that can cause depressive symptoms. But did you know that certain microbes – bacteria and fungi – living in our intestines can also cause these symptoms?

Our intestines are filled with millions of organisms, some of which help us feel good and thrive, and others that can make us sick, anxious, angry, depressed or mentally confused. Some of these bacteria and fungi cause chronic inflammation that can cause not only mental symptoms, but also body aches and difficulty digesting, which doctors have a hard time explaining. Did you know there are tests some doctors can do to find out exactly what microbes are living in your gut? Are there treatments to get rid of the bad ones and to increase the number of beneficial gut bacteria? These treatments have been successful not only for depression and anxiety, but also for mental disorders caused by Alzheimer’s disease, autism, ADHD, etc.

You owe it to yourself to find a functional medicine or naturopathic doctor to dig deeper and find the possible root causes of the malaise, fatigue, depression or anxiety. Doctors can use specialty labs to order organic acid tests, which show the doctor what your nutritional status is. Are you at sufficient levels for all the vitamins and cofactors your body needs for the thousands of chemical reactions that occur at any given time. There are markers of pathological yeast or bacteria proliferation. There are markers that show if you have been heavily exposed to specific metals and environmental toxins and markers that show how well your body is doing at detoxifying. There are markers for neurotransmitters and neurotransmitter metabolism that guide the doctor on the causes and the best treatments for your specific condition.

My advice to you would be to trust your body, trust God to never give up on you, and find a doctor who can help you find out exactly what is causing your current symptoms. God wants more for you – He wants you to be free to express your happiest self. He has a plan for your life, and it’s more wonderful than you can imagine.

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