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Health Benefits of Sea Foods

The sea is a generous source of vitamin-rich foods. This is evident from the fact that more than 3.5 billion people depend on the seas and oceans as their main source of food. Overall, seafood is higher in protein than sheep, poultry, and cattle.

Fish is the most commonly consumed sea food by humans and contains a wide variety of nutrients including vitamins A and D, magnesium, phosphorus and selenium. These nutrients are necessary for infant brain development and enhancement. For adults, it helps protect against stroke and heart disease. Here are some benefits of eating fish, as research has shown that eating fish is beneficial to our body in many ways.

Good for the heart – Have you ever wondered why people in the arctic region have very low levels of heart disease? It is the fish they eat. Fish is high in omega-3s and low in saturated fat. Omega-3s lower the amount of cholesterol in the blood and protect the heart against disease. Some have even suggested that extra fishmeal cuts the risk of heart disease in half.

Healthier joints – Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms have been found to be lessened when sufferers eat fish as part of a balanced diet. Eating more seafood can help prevent this condition.

Brighter Eyes – Human eyes are made brighter and healthier with the regular consumption of oil-rich fish. For those who suffer from visual impairment, especially in old age, omega-3 fatty acids can help improve eyesight, especially for those who suffer from age-related macular degeneration (AMD). It is a condition that causes vision to be blurred. Fish also contains vitamin A which boosts night vision.

Core Nutrient – By eating fish you provide your body with the necessary nutrients it needs, these are what keep us healthy. Some of them are selenium, iodine, potassium and zinc. Iodine is important for a healthy thyroid gland and selenium generates the enzymes that help protect us from cancer.

Glowing Skin – Ever wondered the secret to gorgeous skin? A regular dose of fishmeal will do this. Omega 3s not only help protect our skin from the effect of ultraviolet rays, but they can also help relieve skin conditions such as eczema. It is a real source of proteins necessary for the collagen necessary for healthy, firm and supple skin.

Increases brain power – The brain is made up of mostly fats, most of which are omega 3. Most researchers have proven that those who eat seafood are less likely to suffer from memory problems and dementia during their lifetime. life. DHA, an omega-3 found in seafood, has been linked to improved memory function in children.

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