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Hair Problems – Homeopathic Solutions

Hair loss, breakage and poor hair quality (frizzy, dry) has become a major concern for every second or third adult or even teenager today.

Ironically, stress is a major cause of hair problems, and hair loss is an even bigger cause.

Here is some of the medical jargon, which a person usually hears from the doctor or comes across while searching on Google during their fight against the hair problem.

ALOPECIA means loss of hair where it should usually be present – scalp, body.

Diffuse loss of hair from the scalp, commonly seen in women – referred to as FEMALE HAIR LOSS/BALDNESS

Male pattern baldness/androgenic alopecia is hair loss primarily affecting the temples, followed by the vertex. It is the most common form of hair loss, prevalent in 30-40% of young men.

TRACTION ALOPECIA – caused by pulling or excessive hair – tight ponytails or hair accessories.

ALOPECIA TOTALIS- baldness in its entirety.

ALOPECIA UNIVERSALIS – scalp and body hair loss.

ALOPECIA ARETA – patchy hair loss.

TELOGEN EFFLUVIUM is a scalp disorder characterized by thinning or hair loss, which can lead to long-term baldness.

CICATRIC ALOPECIA – is a type of alopecia where there is destruction of hair follicles resulting in permanent hair loss; there may be burning, itching, pain and redness of the scalp as well as hair loss.

Hair loss, breakage and poor hair quality can be attributed to a variety of other causes

  1. Physiological conditions such as pregnancy, postpartum period, menopause, lactation
  2. Scalp infections or inflammatory conditions – Dandruff, seborrhea, dermatitis, psoriasis
  3. Nutritional deficiencies – Iron, vitamin D, C, A, E, B complex, especially B6, zinc, magnesium, selenium.
  4. Illness – typhoid, cancer, liver disease
  5. Endocrine/Hormonal Disorders – Thyroid Gland Disorders, Kidney Disorders, Pituitary Disorders, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  6. Medications – Antihypertensive drugs, corticosteroids, oral contraceptives, antidepressants, etc.
  7. mental stress
  8. Excessive use of cosmetics/hair products, hair accessories and hairstyles which can cause chafing or dry hair
  9. Genetic predisposition
  10. Environmental factor – pollution levels, toxins in water and air
  11. Aging


  • By correcting the underlying condition – scalp infection, taenia capitis, hormonal disease, etc., curing an underlying disease mainly ensures hair recovery. Sometimes systemic disease can lead to severe hair loss, which can be corrected with homeopathic medicines.
  • Nutrition for hair – Proteins, minerals, essential fatty acids. Hair, like most body tissues, is made up of protein and for the synthesis and repair of a number of micronutrients are required.
  • Avoidance of harmful agents – certain drugs, alcohol, nicotine (tobacco, tobacco).
  • Avoid excessive use of dyes, cosmetics, styling products which can damage the hair roots. The use of chemicals on the scalp and hair should be minimal so that the scalp is clean and the pores can breathe.
  • Massaging the hair to improve circulation is a proven method for reviving dry hair.
  • Mild shampoo to keep the scalp clean.
  • Medicines – a therapy that suits the needs and inclinations of the patients could be, conventional medicines, homeopathy, ayurveda and naturopathy Keeping stress levels to a minimum ensures a healthy body.
  • Build strong immunity to ward off infections.


Homeopathy helps treat underlying causes such as hormonal imbalances, deficiencies, scalp infections and even hereditary hair loss to stop or slow hair loss and promote new growth in men and women. women.

With proper homeopathic medicines, nutritional and hair advice, hair growth, quality and density improve dramatically.


It is one of the most commonly indicated remedies for male pattern baldness. Hair loss in women after the birth of a child. Loss of hair from the beard, eyebrows and other parts is also an indication of Lycopodium. Hair loss associated with liver disease is well treated by this remedy


Sepia is indicated in hair loss associated with physiological and hormonal disorders – pregnancy, lactation, postpartum, menstrual irregularities. Facial pigmentation or chloasma can often be seen in these patients.


Is another effective remedy for male pattern baldness. Alopecia in women, associated with a hormonal disorder such as polycystic ovary syndrome. Scalp infections like boils, taenia capitis, seborrhic dermatitis are also an indication for Silicea.


Calc Carb & Calc Flour is frequently prescribed for hair problems associated with hormonal disorders in men and women that support the respective constitution types.


This is indicated in alopecia areta, male and female pattern baldness. Also indicated in scalp infections such as dermatitis, psoriasis, etc.


Alopecia associated with childbirth, lactation and chronic disease respond best to Natrum Mur. One triggered by an emotional event – grief, loss of a loved one or emotional trauma leading to a depressive state is a very important indication of this remedy.


This remedy is similar to Natrum Mur in its indications. Commonly indicated in universal or total alopecia.


Hair loss in handfuls, uneven hair loss in men and women of the phosphorus constitution type. Dryness, brittleness and hair loss of other parts of the body are also an indication of phosphorus.


This is a nosode. Indicated in dry, brittle, split hair, associated with scalp conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis, tapeworm infections.


This is indicated in dry and brittle hair that can break at the slightest touch. Alopecia or baldness in young males responds very well to this remedy.


Is often useful is hair loss in women suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome. A patient of the Apis Constitutional type responds promptly to this remedy, whether it is administered for hair problems, an allergy or any other ailment.


This remedy is indicated in a number of diseases with associated hair disorders. Scalp and skin infections, inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis, dermatitis and taenia capitis are expertly treated and cured by Sulfur.

Other remedies often useful in the treatment of hair loss are selenium, staphysagria, baryta carb, thuja, medorrhinum, ignatia, kali carb, tuberculinum or any other homeopathic remedy that is suitable for the totality of symptoms and the constitutional type of the patient.

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