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Four Perfect Nutritional Partners of Tofu

Tofu is a widely recognized nutritional food. It is not only natural and healthy, but it is also very simple and easy to cook. When preparing tofu as a dish, almost any food ingredient can be collocated with it. But if you want to better absorb the nutrition of tofu, you better find the right “partner” of tofu.

First of all, meat – to promote protein absorption.

Soy enjoys the reputation of “vegetable meat”. It contains the best protein of all plant foods. However, the content and proportion of the amino acid in tofu protein is not very rational, nor particularly suitable for digestion and absorption in the body. Therefore, if you add high-quality protein foods when eating tofu, it can play a “complementary” role with tofu, allowing the protein in tofu to be better absorbed and utilized by the body. human. Typical examples of these high quality protein foods include meat and eggs.

Second, egg yolk – to supplement more calcium.

Just as we need to supplement vitamin D when taking calcium tablets, if we want to supplement calcium when consuming tofu, it is necessary to eat it with a number of foods rich in vitamin D. Because vitamin D plays a very important role in the process of calcium absorption. Egg yolk contains very rich vitamin D. In addition, chicken gizzards, liver and other animal organs also have a good effect to increase the absorption of calcium in tofu.

Third, kelp and seaweed – to provide more iodine.

Tofu is not only very nutritious, but also has a therapeutic effect in the prevention of atherosclerosis. This is because tofu contains a substance called saponin. Saponin can prevent the formation of lipid peroxides, which is the main cause of atherosclerosis. However, there is a problem brought by saponin: it will lead to the excretion of iodine in the body. As a result, long-term consumption of tofu can lead to iodine deficiency. So, when eating tofu, add iodine-rich seafood like kelp and seaweed to get the best effect.

Fourth, green vegetables and edible mushrooms – to better prevent disease.

Although tofu contains abundant nutrition, it is relatively lacking in dietary fiber. Eating tofu alone can lead to constipation issues. Although green vegetables and mushrooms are rich in dietary fiber, they can fill this gap in tofu. Moreover, mushrooms and vegetables also contain many antioxidants that can improve immunity and prevent disease. And their disease prevention function will be more effective when eaten with tofu together.

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