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Erb’s Palsy and Childbirth

Erb’s palsy is one of the most well-known types of long-term damage that can occur from birth injuries. Also known as Erb-Duchenne palsy and brachial plexus palsy, this is the paralysis of one arm caused by injury to the nerves in the upper arm, usually during the process of childbirth . Depending on the severity of the nerve injury, it may require therapy or even surgery. In some cases, the injury is so slight that it resolves within a few months. However, it’s always a good idea to consult a doctor about the severity of the injury.

Although not always limited to birth injuries, an abnormally difficult birthing process is the leading cause of Erb’s palsy in the United States. Called dystocia, a difficult or abnormal labor process may cause extra force to be exerted on the infant; many cases are caused by movement of the baby’s head and neck as the shoulders pass through the birth canal.

If your child has a birth defect caused by improper medical care, the doctor may be held responsible for the injury. An experienced medical malpractice or personal injury attorney may be able to get you the money you and your child deserve.

Medical effects

The effects of Erb’s palsy can be serious if left untreated or mistreated. Some of the more common signs and effects include:

· Loss of sensation in the upper arm, which may lead to paralysis.
· Paralysis and resulting atrophy of several arm muscles, including the deltoid and biceps.
· When it occurs in young children or infants, the affected arm may be permanently withered and poorly developed. The bones, muscles, and fingers of the affected arm may be underdeveloped and noticeably smaller than the other arm.

Improperly treated Erb’s Palsy can have a huge effect on the life of the sufferer. This can lead to lifelong disability and deformity and can seriously affect one’s quality of life. If someone you love has been injured in this way, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your loss. It may be helpful to discuss your case with an experienced personal injury attorney.

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