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Enjoying the Natural Beauty of Mauritius

Most tourists come to Mauritius for vacation. To be able to make the most of the holidays, various things can be done in Mauritius. We could head to Grand Bay where many activities are easily accessible to tourists. Water sports such as swimming, parasailing, scuba diving, windsurfing, and water skiing, among others, are available. For those who don’t want to dive, underwater adventures are a sensational thing to try. Grand Baie is considered one of the most fun places to visit in Mauritius. Filled with restaurants, pubs, nightclubs and shopping arenas, every ingredient is there to provide unforgettable moments.

Discovering Mauritius is the privileged target of any tourist making the trip for the first time. So why not try the ascent of the mountain ‘Le Pouce’. The mountain is relatively easy to climb and rises to around 812m. Once at the top, one will be able to discover a complete view of Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. If one is trying to see more of the natural beauty of Mauritius, visiting the Moka Mountains might be an appropriate thing to do. The visit can be made through the natural park of Domaine les Pailles by bicycle, on horseback or in an appropriate 4-wheel vehicle. Domaine les Pailles is a relatively large natural park with around 1,500 hectares of land. Many tourists who come to Mauritius will visit its rum distillery or its sugar mill or eat in one of its restaurants.

In addition, one can also hike the Black River Gorges located in the Black River district of Mauritius. The gorge is also a natural park and measures around 6,794 hectares. The place is one of the best known places for hiking in Mauritius. The Black River Gorges are also home to many rare plants and birds. Therefore, it is protected by the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation. The Mauritius Wildlife Foundation has done remarkable work for the protection of endangered plant and animal species and is recognized internationally. In addition, wildlife is carefully preserved in Mauritius. A case in point is the La Vanille des Mascareignes reserve also known to most locals as Crocodile Park. The reserve is located in the southeast of Mauritius and is the breeding ground for thousands of crocodiles and turtles. This nature reserve is the only place in the world to breed aldabra tortoises, an endangered specimen of tortoises.

In addition, La Vanille Réserve des Mascareignes has also become an ideal place for breeding and exporting monkeys. Mauritius is probably the only island in the Indian Ocean to accomplish such a task. On the other hand, at its restaurant you can taste gourmet crocos. Similarly, his shop can unveil crocodile products such as belts and bags. Since already in the southeast, one would like to visit the Rochester Falls. Rochester Falls is a waterfall located near the village of Souillac. The structure of this waterfall is unique as the water slides over rocks resembling hand-made sculptures to fall into the natural pool below. Many locals dive from the top of the waterfall into the deep waters below. During this time, many tourists take advantage of the immense opportunity to swim while others take photos of the marvelous scenes that nature has to offer.

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