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Changing lifestyle, eating habits and stress lead to diabetes, thyroid, kidney and liver diseases, and almost every family today suffers from one of these diseases. Ancient medicinal techniques like Ayurveda and acupuncture can help us treat these disorders in a reasonably shorter time and with much greater ease than conventional medicinal practices.

Diabetes, kidney disease, liver disorder, blood pressure and thyroid disease are the ones that need to be taken most seriously of all the major diseases in the world. Acupuncture can be used to effectively treat these disorders as explained below:


This happens if a gland called the pancreas does not produce insulin or if our body does not absorb the insulin produced. Symptoms can include excessive urination, high thirst, excessive hunger, weight loss, eye problems, etc.


Take an excess of currant, bitter melon or juice powder or juice, along with daily workouts and walking.


DU 20, REN 12, SI 19, ST 21, SP 6, SJ 8

Kidney diseases:

The kidneys remove toxic substances and waste products from the blood through biochemical processes. Kidney disorders such as kidney failure and kidney stones are caused due to inefficient blood flow, blood pressure disorders, obstruction of blood vessels, etc.


Massage the area where the kidneys are located with warm sesame oil. Take the leaves of the curry leaf plant and the castor oil plant, boil them in hot water and apply the boiled water using a damp cloth on the kidney area, if possible, mix red earth with this water and keep it on the region of the kidneys.


For kidney stones: DU 20, AUB 23, K5, ST 36, SP 6

For renal failure: DU 20, K5, ST 36, LU 9, LI 11, UB 23

Liver disorders:

The liver resides in the right side of the abdomen, it helps in digestion, blood sugar control, blood purification, secretion of bile juice, storage of vitamins and iron, food conversion in energy, the release of several hormones and the production of healing enzymes. The kidneys can be mainly affected by cancer, hepatitis, cirrhosis, alcoholic liver, fatty liver, liver headache, etc.


Pressure points reside at the bottom of the little finger, pressure should be given 30-40 times at this point.


It resides in the neck region, when this is affected it leads to weight gain, menstrual cycle problems, hair loss, throat problems, etc.


Warm castor oil should be applied and a brief massage should be performed on the throat area, behind the ear and on the neck area. Daily exercise is mandatory and breathing exercises have been proven to help a lot in thyroid disorders.


DU 20, SJ 20, GB 21, EX 1, LI 18, practicing acupuncture on these points once a week has given good results.

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