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A Sound Mind in a Healthy Body

We have all heard of the famous saying “Health is wealth”. Good health is the secret of every happy human being. Health can be the greatest wealth in the world. Health is the condition in which an individual becomes strong socially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This implies that your body and your mind must function as they are supposed to.

We can speak of a dynamic condition because it is constantly changing. This can change depending on our lifestyle and environment. Over the years, the way of life has changed for multiple reasons which have led to ignoring the importance of health. It is essential for every human being to stay healthy. Health is not only about your physical well-being but also your emotional well-being. To qualify as a healthy person, his body, as well as his mind, must function properly.

The ingredients of good health are a balanced diet, physical activity, sleep and adequate rest.

Benefits of being healthy:

• From child to adult, health plays an essential role in the proper development and growth of mind and body.

• If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, your body gets free from different types of disorders and diseases leading to longer life expectancy.

• You tend to look more attractive when you are physically fit.

• For those who work, being in good health can give you more energy and allow you to perform strenuous tasks without straining yourself.

• A healthy individual does not avoid his duties because he is able to reach his full potential.

• As your mind is free from mental stress, you are able to handle daily tasks at home, school, work, etc. with a positive attitude that makes you more interested and improves the result of the task you are doing.

• Health has a huge impact on a person’s overall performance and efficiency. With good health and a healthy mind, you will have better control of your life.


A healthy, sane person fully enjoys the good things in life. With a healthy mind, an individual can find the motivation and strength to do their job. A stressful lifestyle and unhealthy habits can affect physical and mental health. Loss of good health can lead to loss of happiness in life. To maintain health, following a healthy lifestyle is essential. A proper lifestyle will lead to the proper development and growth of his body, which will help keep him in good mental, physical, social and spiritual health.

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