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5 Ways Mangosteen Has Helped My Family With Health Issues

1. Colds: Since we started taking an ounce or more of mangosteen juice every day, we no longer catch colds every few months like we used to. In fact, I can’t remember the last time someone in my family had a cold.

It used to be at the start of the school year when my youngest child was in high school, he was exposed to more germs than he was used to. So between two and four weeks out of the year, he would catch a massive head cold and then pass it on to us. It doesn’t happen anymore with this routine of drinking an ounce or two of mangosteen juice a day.

2. Sore Throat: Sore throats are a thing of the past since mangosteen juice entered our lives. If I feel a bit scratchy in my throat, I just increase the dose to two or three ounces, and maybe take it once or twice more during the day. It is extremely rare that a sore throat does not go away within a few hours.

3. Flu: On the rare occasions when my son got the flu, a dose of mangosteen relieved the nausea and after some sleep the flu symptoms disappeared.

4. Back pain: My back pain is gone. In 1992, I fell on a slippery floor in a grocery store. Then my back stiffened and I could barely move for several days, and this happened several times a year. Since taking mangosteen juice, the anti-inflammatory properties in it have taken care of whatever was causing back issues, as I haven’t had a back issue in over two years. And, I haven’t been to a chiropractor or doctor for that.

5. Alzheimer’s disease: Mangosteen juice helped my father and his Alzheimer’s disease in 2006. On October 31, 2006, I thought I saw my father alive for the last time. I had to cross the country to pick up my son. The few days before I left, I had talked to the doctor about giving my father mangosteen juice, and he had agreed to take an ounce twice a day. I would have liked more, but I was happy with it.

When I left that Halloween, my father was curled up in a fetal position facing the wall; I thought I’d be back in a few days for a funeral. Long story short, day by day my dad got stronger and was able to sit in his wheelchair and he knew who people were and could talk to them a bit. He had six months to live after that. The only explanation could have been what my father’s nurse and my family called the miracle drink, since the doctor had taken it off his other medications.

Even if you don’t need relief from a serious illness, as we head into fall with the kids back to school, what better time to try mangosteen juice for yourself. The recommendation is to commit to taking the juice for three months to give it a chance to work its magic, especially on a problem that has been lingering in your body for some time.

On the other hand, there are issues where with consistent use you will feel better much sooner. For example, after three days of taking mangosteen, my knees allowed me to painlessly climb a ladder to clean a ceiling fan! It might not work for everyone, but it might start to ease the pain.

Something fun to do before taking it is to write down all the aches and pains you feel. Then, each week, see what kind of progress you’ve had!

As it should be, I have to say that mangosteen juice does not claim to cure any disease and you should keep in touch with your doctor for any issues you may have.

That being said, just – what if it helps? Wouldn’t you be glad you tried it?

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