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10 Health Benefits of Apple Fruit

Is it true that five days a day keeps the doctor away? We are always told that fruits and vegetables are the healthiest foods you can eat. However, do we all know the benefits of apples? In this article, I noted ten healthy benefits you get from apples. Read below and enjoy!

1) Protect your bones!

French researchers have found that a flavonoid called phloridzin, found only in apples, may actually protect women who experience virginal bleeding due to osteoporosis. Apples can also increase bone density and make them stronger.

2) Reduce asthma attacks!

Did you know that apples can help reduce the effects of asthma? A study showed that many children who ate apples frequently had less asthma than those who had little to none.

3) Prevent lung cancer!

Due to the high amount of flavonoids in apples, those who eat more apples may significantly reduce their risk of lung cancer. Two of the flavonoids are called quercetin and navinine.

4) Alzheimer’s disease: an apple can stop it

A university has studied that apples can protect brain cells from certain damage that could cause Alzheimer’s disease!

5) Lower your cholesterol the easy way

Eating a few apples a day may cause your cholesterol levels to drop quickly. This is because of the pectin that you will find on the skin of apples.

6) Reduce breast cancer

There was a study on rats where many of them ate a few apples a day. It was discovered that the more apples they ate, the less likely they were to get breast cancer.

7) Colon cancer: Prevent all these cancers!

Pectin is not the only ingredient that cures breast and lung cancer. But it is also a cure for colon cancer. On the other hand, pectin can be used to maintain a healthy digestive system.

8) Liver cancer: can the mighty apple cure that too?

Fortunately, researchers have found that apples can significantly reduce liver cancer. However, having a full Apple might help more.

Would you like to lose weight?

You can find several different methods to lose weight, but surprisingly, women who eat apples while dieting can lose more weight than women who diet without eating fruit.

Do you have anything else to add to this great list?

Apart from these rather interesting findings, apples can help you with other health benefits, including:





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